Alyssa Milano in Hugo Pool ( Englisch )

Hugo Pool (1997)
Underground director Robert Downey, Sr. ("Putney Swope") returns to off-the-wall form with this way-out dark comedy about sexy pool cleaner Alyssa Milano and her experiences with wacky customers, strange parents and a man stricken with Lou Gehrig's disease. Robert Downey, Jr., Patrick Cassidy, Chuck Barris, Sean Penn, Malcolm McDowell and Richard Lewis also star..
Category: Comedy Director: Robert Downey Sr.
Cast: Chuck Barris, Patrick Dempsey, Robert Downey Jr., Richard Lewis, Malcolm McDowell, Alyssa Milano, Cathy Moriarty, Sean Penn, Bert Remsen
Als DVD RC1 verfügbar ( RC2 in Deutsch befindet sich angeblich in Planung ) Länge 93 Minuten