Alyssa Jayne Milano - Presseberichte - Celebrity Skins - Ausgabe 85 / English


Lippstick Lesbians " Alyssa Milano & Charlotte Lewis " - Two`s Sexy, Three`s A Charm

Vampires, lesbians, and threeways are enticements that anhance many a movie, and we here at SKIN are generally happy when any one of these ingredients is present in a film. Combine all three, and add the adorably sexy Alyssa Milano naked, and you end up with, at the very least, a pair of Hall of Fame -whorty skin scenes.

In the 19994 erotic thriler, Embrace Of The Vampire, the newly busty Alyssa plays Charlotte, a good-girl virgin and the object of desire of the Vampire, played by Martin Kemp. The Vampire has only three days left to live, unless he can find a virgin to fall in love with him---and supply him with a fresh supply of blood to drink. Alyssa is already involved with Chris (Harrison Pruett), an understandably horny young man who wants to bed this nubile actress. With the help of the Vampire`s powers, Alyssa dumps the boy as well as her innocence. The Vampire, in turn, gets infuriatingly jealous at others lusting after Alyssa, his destinal virgin. His rage reuslts in people getting killed.

Charlotte Lewis plays Sarah, a slutty lesbian photographer who is also after Alyssa`s bod. Alyssa argress to model for Ms. Lewis and before you know it the sexy photographer has Alyssa`s top unbutoned and they are making out (top rigth).

The plot is overpowered by the sex scenes (like we mind!) and the visual candy of Alyssa and Ms. Lewis sucking face. As you can see from these stills, Alyssa`s virginal character has no problem steppig even further into the wild side and ends up tied to a bed naked with Pruett and Lewis licking her every nubile curve.

Embarce Of The Vampire marked the beginning of Alyssa`s transformation from squeaky-clean child star to sizzling sex bomb, and for that reason alone it has earned a place in the pantheonof SKIN classics.


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