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Alyssa Milano - Who`s A Babe ?

In breaking away fromthe squeaky-clean image of Samantha on Who`s The Boss, Alyssa Milano has starred in some of SKIN`s favorite films. Embrace Of The Vampire (1994), Poison Ivy II: Lily (1995), and Fear (1996) had Alyssa playing naughty characters with an affection for shedding their clothes.

In 1997, she spiced up the TV world on Melrose Place as Jennifer, the devious younger sister of Dr. Michael Mancini (Thomas Calabro). That same year, Alyssa starred in hugo Pool, an indie film that some critics hail as her finest body of work. We`re sure you`ll agree that Alyssa`s body is amazingly fine in her portrayal of Hugo Dugay, a Los Angeles pool cleaner with a number of eccentric clients, palyed by the likes on Sean Penn, Robert Downey jr. and patrick Dempsey. Hugo Pool, writen by Robert Dawney Sr. and his wife laura, is a comedy with an underlying story of a young man (Dempsey) suffering from Lou Gehrig`s disease who falls in love with the bubbly Hugo. Who could blame him, with Hugo in hot pants bending over all over the place, hugo wet and skimming the pool. get the picture.

Back on television, Alyssa landed the role of the funky Phoebe, younger sister to Shannen doherty and Holly Marie Combs, on the whimsically witchy WB series, Charmed. Even on TV, where Alyssa must stay clothed, she plays up her sexulaty. In one epsiode after an earthquake,Prue (Shannen Doherty) remarks to Phoebe, "I dont like earthquakes, but I just don`t go running around the house naked screaming, "Run for your Life." Phoebe responds: "That is an exaggeration...I was wearing slippers."

Alyssa has also been burning up the advertising world in print ads and commercials for Candies perfume - wearing black lingerie and having a medicine cabinet full of condoms - and has agent " Ava Save - a - lot, " clad in tight black leather or a wet scuba suit, in those TV long - distance spots.

Previously married to musician Cinjun Tate, Alyssa wnt au natural on the beach while on holiday with him last year, giving us a rare private eyeful of her scintillating skin. Like her similarly divorced TV co-stars, Alyssa is reportly now "single and looking."


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