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Alyssa Milano - Bewitching Body

Sometimes we feel a bit betrayed. We submit ourselves to bad TV, shlep trough scene after poorly - acted scene and gain a certain admiration for a certain young actress. Soon, we follow the actress as she falls into obscurity. We buy her dismal pop albums, then we rejoice when she finally appears in a sultry (but clothed) made - for - TV - movie about a certain Long Island vamp. Then, we throw drunken parties centered around that certain actress` burning - hot - releases. Yeah, we`re talking about Alyssa Milano, but you knew that. And we sometimes feel betrayed because we (and everyone else out there with a discering eye) didn`t make her famous sexpot just to have her insist on covering up her assets in her more recent screen - sex scenes. These days, we`re forced to settle for those Candies ads featuring a lingerie - clad Alyssa gazing into a medicine cabinet full of condoms.

Luckily, it seems that, like us, our loyal readers never tire of seeing Alyssa in scenes from those old glory days. So, as you requested, here she is at her hottest in 1994`s Embrace Of The Vampire. For the few SKIN subscribers who haven`t seen it, Alyssa plays Charlotte, raised by nuns, only to be pursued by a vampire who must have her while she`s still pure. After all those years watching Alyssa grow up on Who`s The Boss, we identified heavily with the vampire played by Martin Kemp.



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